Nadine Collinson
Nadine Collinson

To the Stars! (Maquette)


Edition: 24

Made from: Bronze

To the Stars! has been designed as a homage to the RAF and the Spitfire, as well as a celebration of the beautiful birdlife in the South of England.
The world famous Spitfire was king of low altitudes and the plane that turned the tide in the Battle of Britain. The Spitfire's agility in the air gave it the edge over enemy aircraft. Its aerobatic performance is represented in the looping trails of the birds. They create a ring that also reflects the RAF badge - which features an eagle emerging from a circle with the motto: ‘Through adversity to the stars’. These are words that will be forever relevant and encouraging.
The sculpture demonstrates the Spitfire’s speed and agility, the circling bird trails also reflect the cyclical rhythm of nature.
As with the Spitfire, a bird in flight is a symbol of freedom. To the Stars! recognises the graceful power of the fighter planes and birds - ducking and diving, swooping and surviving. The avian figures woven into the structure acknowledge the nightjars, sand martins and woodlarks sweeping the skies. They portray the birdsong and starling murmurations that are synonymous with this special site.
To the Stars! honours the connection between history and nature. Eagle eyed viewers will discover 25 secret stars nestled amongst the trails of the birds, waiting to be found.

Weight: 12kg

Dimensions: 60cm x 45cm x 27cm