Paul Pibworth
Paul Pibworth

Stanley's Shoes


Edition: Number 1

Made from: Laser cut stainless steel sheet 3mm in thickness.

This sculpture takes its stance from a shire named Jacob as he leaned into his collar. He worked the farm at Wimpole Hall, Cambridgeshire. Sadly they lost Jacob in 2018, but very quickly found a stunning “strawberry roan” coloured shire who fitted in exactly by matching Jacob’s gentle temperament perfectly.

As I mentioned this sculpture has the stance of Jacob, but in addition it has “Stanley’s Shoes”.

Within my sculpture I like to add text, language and hidden messages; “Stanley’s Shoes”, uses text from a series of interviews with a number of people about rural living.

In particular I had in depth conversations with a farm owner, a farmworker and a Horse-man or Hossman.

These conversations, in a way have preserved a way of life which may soon be lost forever. However as a way of hiding these exchanges I totally broke them down and reassembled them randomly.

Making is in my blood, sometimes I just can’t stop myself. I take great joy in teasing and coaxing material into the shapes I want to see. I hope you Love them too.

Weight: 250kg

Dimensions: Height: 1750 mm Width: 700 mm Length: 3500 mm