Ed Hill
Ed Hill

'Poised' - Wren on a 'C'


Made from: Recycled Cutlery

This is on a 'C' frame of 8mm rod. This can be mounted in a 8mm hole in wood or stone of your choice. The base is sold seperately.

Thank you for your appreciation of my artwork, if you’re looking for a unique and special gift then take a closer look. You will discover several designs here today that are the product of much labour and creative thought. They have been inspired and handmade in the heart of the South Hams. The ideas are developed by studying photos, cardboard modelling, clay sculpting and metal prototyping. If at any one of these stages the design is not up to my high standards, it is scrapped, revised and reworked. The end result is striking realism that will make a statement in any home or garden. On closer inspection you will see they are made from recycled cutlery and metal. Look for the special or hidden details of this in each piece. The repurposed metal shines with a spirit of renewal. The sculptures catch and play with the light throughout the day and bring life to a dark or uninteresting part of the garden.
Care Instructions
All outdoor sculpture is exposed to the elements and is therefore vulnerable to weathering and erosion. When your sculpture has been outside for a length of time, eventually it may go dull, pick-up dirt, pit or stain with iron oxide. But don’t worry as there are things you can do to clean and protect it. ‘Cif’/or bathroom cleaners are a great way to get a shine back on your sculpture. If it is entirely made from cutlery and small enough try placing it in the dishwasher. Avoid wetting your sculpture if it has bike chain as this will rust – Which I only use on ‘indoor sculptures’ anyway. If necessary, you can use oil like Vaseline, WD40 or similar or lacquer your sculpture for further protection. Another product is ‘Peek’ polish, which you can buy online. Be careful of placing your sculpture under water fountains, as sometimes water can be hard/acidic, which can be particularly corrosive to cutlery/stainless.
IMPORTANT! If you have purchased one of the dragonflies with the special ‘Iridescent Color Steel’ Don’t use abrasive materials, surfactants or abrasive cleaners such as ‘Cif’ as this will permanently scratch the surface. Also avoid placing under water fountains where water is acidic or ‘hard’ For the iridescent metal use the soft side of a sponge and fairy liquid only. Be gentle when cleaning the surface to avoid scratching it. Don’t do any vigorous scrubbing. Where there is dried debris wet it first and let it soften before wiping away.

Dimensions: 27cm x 40cm