Ben Dearnley
Ben Dearnley



Edition: 1

Made from: Italian Alabaster and red Cathedral stained glass on oak base

The carved alabaster surrounds the face with the wings of the bird of peace. A comfort and protective aspect which is enhanced by the red glass set into the back of the stone. When the light comes from behind the sculpture, it is flooded with colour. It has this 'dual aspect' nature which is a theme of this series from Ben. The design allows for the sculpture to have a different voice when lit from the front. This will showcase the nature of the stone and the detail of the fine carving and then as the sun comes around to the afternoon and lights the work from behind you see the stained glass come into play and transform the work with colour. This effect can be achieved with the use of a small LED light or even a small candle (night light) can have a dramatic effect.

Weight: 7kg

Dimensions: 38 x 28 x 15cm