Nadine Collinson
Nadine Collinson

Natural Connection


Edition: 8

Made from: Bronze

Humans cannot survive without nature, but nature can live without us.
Natural Connection shows how humans and nature are inter-twinned. Mother Nature has allowed human beings to evolve and thrive, yet so many of us take for granted the environment that provides for us. From the air we breathe to the food on our table, we have separated ourselves so much from our organic roots, that we often fail to recognise over-consumption of our world’s wondrous resources. The structure of this sculpture resembles the DNA within all living things; the two twisting strands represent how humans and nature coexist. The sculpture symbolises the connection between the natural and man-made world when we nurture each other. It also shows how we draw apart when we damage our planet and gradually exhaust natural supplies.
As individuals, we can define our affinity with nature by how much we feel part of it. Most of us have an innate love of the outdoors – we feel its’ benefits on our physical and mental health. But is this relationship symbiotic, or are we living in a time when convenience has overtaken conscience when it comes to taking responsibility for our actions?
As a species we have damaged Earth’s fragile eco system. In 1980 there were 4.5 billion of us, today there are 7.5 billion people and we are projected to reach 8.8 billion by 2040. Inevitably the results are increasing emissions, pollution and toxic waste to an unprecedented scale. This brings us to a pivotal point in the Earth’s history with many of our creatures on the brink of extinction. Black Rhinos, Sunda Tigers and Orangutans are just a few of the many species that are critically endangered. We know that climate change is causing sea temperatures to rise and ice caps to melt. Polar ice caps and endangered species can feel many miles away, but our world is one huge ecosystem – if we unite locally the benefits can have a ripple effect globally.
Natural Connection is a reminder not to forget the difference we can make. We do have a say - we can ask that less plastic is used in supermarket packaging, we can choose less toxic materials, we can limit fossil fuel consumption, and reduce our carbon footprint. Humans are driven by profit, but it is Mother Nature who is paying the price.
Natural Connection symbolises the hope that harmony can be restored between humans and nature. The sheer, honed, triangular spiral represents ‘man’; while the algae covered blade of grass represents all things organic. If we can re-learn to care for the environment around us and be responsible for our actions, then we can respectfully co-exist with the natural world.

Weight: 30kg

Dimensions: 100cm x 66cm x 50cm plus 110cm bronze plinth