Jill Berelowitz
Jill Berelowitz

Moving Forward


Edition: Unique - set of 3

Made from: Bronze - patinated

MOVING FORWARD is both an inner and an outer journey.
It is the creative resolution of body and soul.
It is a movement that heals the past and creates the future.
It gives us the opportunity to glimpse ourselves from another's perspective.
Moving Forward is an individual and collective awakening that begins from this perfect moment.

It reminds us of the global momentum as we all participate in birthing a new humanity.
The work combines varying numbers of sleek human forms in an unflinchingly positive work whose title enforces this fact.
The relationships between each figure is hinted to enable the viewer to perceive the dynamics of the group in their own way.

Weight: 90kg

Dimensions: Male 237 cm x 1 Female 213 cm x 2