Jonty Hurwitz
Jonty Hurwitz

Long Day In Pretoria With Frog (£poa)

Edition: Total of 8+4AC

Made from: Bronze, Stainless Steel, Acrylic

Growing up in South Africa, I developed a deep and lasting love of frogs. My most vivid childhood memory is of a long day spent out by a small waterhole on a hot day interacting with frogs. They really and truly were gentle and friendly souls. I even discovered that they enjoy a gentle caress along the spine – I never tried kissing one though, but I suppose I can claim to have experienced some level of intimacy with a frog.

As the years went by and adulthood took over, I somehow buried my frog feelings. It was when I produced the first frog sculpture that I came to understand my feelings. It was the small things – literally down to the extent to which I found I knew frog physiology on an intuitive level.

So it began, many years and 20 or so frog sculptures later, I feel like I’m just starting this relationship.

Weight: 12kg

Dimensions: 45 x 50 x 50 cm (HWD)