Ben Dearnley
Ben Dearnley

Light Within


Edition: 1

Made from: Steel & Stained glass

This large scale garden piece is the first of its kind for Ben and brings together his love of light, colour and poetry in one form. The sculpture invites the viewer to get up close and personal, and look through the open pupil at the landscape which surrounds it. Then to see the many colours which make up the iris where they will see lines of poetry and details, hand painted in the traditional methods of the many cathedral stained glass windows. The viewer is taken on a journey of their own discovery for the more they look, the more they will see.

"Often times, it is only when we stand silent and still that we hear and see what is just beneath the surface of our world." Ben Dearnley, Sculptor.

Weight: 25kg

Dimensions: 1400 x 2000 x 400