Michele Roper
Michele Roper

Hurrying Hare


Edition: Unlimited

Made from: Steel

Hare is a mysterious chap; both fearful and timid but at the same time serious and strong.
I just love to watch these magnificently architectural, long-eared creatures sitting as still as can be, concentrating, listening and then - in a split second they’re off!
It’s exhilarating to watch their powerful hind legs reach speeds of up to 45mph!
Cut from 8mm steel, this life sized hare will be supplied in its mild steel state with the rich, rust patina developing over weeks and months until he blends seamlessly into his natural surroundings, bringing great interest to your outdoor space throughout the changing seasons of the year. Once installed, no maintenance is needed.

Dimensions: 480mm h x 570mm w plus 170mm below ground level